For its latest drop, the New York-based lifestyle brand is giving its collab-hungry fans a Supreme folding chair. This is a Plia folding chair by Anonima Castelli, which isn’t your regular packable design. 

In the 1960s, Giancarlo Piretti began working with Anonima Castelli as an interior designer, and by the end of the decade, he had created the Plia chair, arguably Castelli’s most popular design. 

The Plia is one of Castelli’s hallmark designs, having sold over two million pairs since its debut in 1968. 

It’s so high in demand that, as the story goes, guests who attended Castelli’s launch of the Plia in 1967 took the chairs they were sitting in with them when they left. Obviously, getting your hands on one of the Supreme-branded chairs will be much more difficult. 

Steel hardware is fused to the transparent polypropylene frame in the Plia’s design, which plays with the 1960s plastic preoccupation. As a result, it’s both light and tough. The red paintjob and insignia on Supreme, on the other hand, serve no utilitarian use. 

This collaboration comes after many interesting releases, such as the Supreme x Airstream trailer from a few weeks ago, that have driven Supreme fans to dig deep into their wallets to cop these new releases. 

To be fair, the Plia isn’t just any folding chair: it’s the Rolls Royce of portable seats, and one of the first. 

Is it, however, worthwhile? You’re essentially getting a regular item with Supreme branding, so paying the extra money for this version doesn’t seem reasonable from an outsider’s perspective. 

Last year’s Supreme x Vitra Panton chair sold for more more than $2,600, while the retail price was just $100. 

The Plia chair by Anonima Castelli is ordinarily $350, and there’s no word on how much the Supreme version will cost, although a little price gouging wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Supreme. But, on the other hand, can you really justify waiting in line for Supreme in anything less Supreme head-like than a matching chair?

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