True. x Absolute Motors

Absolute Motors: founded in 2016, within 5 years they have become one of the market leaders in exclusive car customization. They make the most high-end and exotic cars better, faster, more beautiful and last but not least, they protect them.

Where your car dealer stops, team Absolute Motors starts. End to end customizing with truly no boundaries brought to you by the most dedicated, hard working and passionate team you could wish for. They combine creativity, expertise and an entrepreneurial drive to deliver the best results. Fully aligned with the wishes and dreams of their high-demanding customers.

Their strength? They do not work for partners and clients, they work alongside them. And involve them in every step and adventure within the scope of the project. Amazon made an exclusive series about us called Dutch Wheels and of course they do share their work on social media channels like Instagram.

The collaboration between TRUE and Absolute Motors started back in 2019 and has been a success ever since. From experimenting with a sneaker wall in the lounge, to further intensify our collaboration and having a showroom in the Absolute Motors headquarters.

The love and urge for being unique, having something that nobody else has, putting your own twist on it, and just lifestyle in global keeps growing by the day. Without a doubt both markets have many interfaces, and that’s what makes this combination more than enjoyable.

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